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The History of Gift Giving

Christmas, Hanukkah, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Weddings – these are just some of the many occasions that are accompanied by gift giving. Gift giving has become an integrated part of our lives today but was that always the case? Well, the truth is that gift giving is as old as humans. The history of giving can be traced back to the beginning of the formation of cultures. A simple example is that of the Native Americans who for thousands of years marked important life events such as births, wedding and inter-tribal events with the gift-giving feast known as potlatch. Another example on a grander scale is that of government exchanging gifts since ancient times as signs of goodwill and peace. Think of the Egyptians who presented the Hittites with stone vessels. The fact is that gift-giving has always been a part of our existence and will always be. With gifts we show our loved ones our appreciation. In addition, we express feelings and emotions which we are not capable of expressing using words. 


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Italy, the paradise of food lovers

Each country has their thing that makes it famous around the world. It could be a landmark everyone in the world can recognize, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty. It could be a widespread and widely loved music and dance style, just as it happens with many Central America countries and the Caribbean. And some of them, of course, have their iconic food and drinks. If you are a gourmet lover who just can't stop travelling here and there, searching for the best flavours and eating experiences, then you for sure have at least considered the possibility of visiting Italy.

There are many traditional dishes that have given Italy a name in the past, and that fames continues to this day and will last for God knows how long in the future. This is an earned recognition after years of developing, perfecting and transmitting local recipes using ingredients that are grown and collected on their very mediterranean soil. The fresh air that comes from the sea, the hours and hours of sunlight, and the ancient techniques of farming each one of these ingredients have given Italian food and drinks their very characteristic and much praised flavour and texture. Even doctors reccommend the Mediterranean Diet as a way to improve your overall health as well as your experience every time you sit down to eat. Read More...

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