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The History of Gift Giving

Christmas, Hanukkah, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Weddings – these are just some of the many occasions that are accompanied by gift giving. Gift giving has become an integrated part of our lives today but was that always the case? Well, the truth is that gift giving is as old as humans. The history of giving can be traced back to the beginning of the formation of cultures. A simple example is that of the Native Americans who for thousands of years marked important life events such as births, wedding and inter-tribal events with the gift-giving feast known as potlatch. Another example on a grander scale is that of government exchanging gifts since ancient times as signs of goodwill and peace. Think of the Egyptians who presented the Hittites with stone vessels. The fact is that gift-giving has always been a part of our existence and will always be. With gifts we show our loved ones our appreciation. In addition, we express feelings and emotions which we are not capable of expressing using words. 

Gift Ideas from France

There is nothing more exciting that offering and receiving gifts, especially if you are travelling. If you are travelling especially to new and exciting countries, one of the questions that almost everyone you know will ask is what you are going to get for them. People expect you to get them gifts when you are travelling and if you want to please those special people in your life, getting them gifts is an enjoyable occasion for you.

There is no better way to enjoy luxury than to travel to France? France is truly an amazing country with wonderful gift ideas but before you start shopping for authentic French gifts for your love ones, make sure you select one of the luxury hotels in France. Without the right accommodation, your stay in France might not be as enjoyable as it should be. 

Now that you have gotten your accommodation under control, you can start shopping for French gifts with ease. There are so many perfect gift ideas from France, regardless of your budget. One of the great things about French gifts is the fact that many of them are authentic. If you send a French gift to someone special, you can be guaranteed that he/she will find nothing like it elsewhere. 

If you are in France and are looking for great French gifts to send for your loved ones in other countries, there is an online store called Saveur du Jour that delivers French gifts all over the world. Whether you are located in the UK, the US or elsewhere in the world, the Saveur du Jour team will take care of your gift delivery, livraison de cadeau as the French would say. 

Saveur du Jour – The Online Store for Your French Gifts

Saveur du Jour is a French online store that markets French products throughout the world. The products sold on include French gourmet food, macarons, Paris souvenirs, home accessories and products from Provence. Saveur du Jour is based in France and in the US, so it has access to a huge variety of products directly in France. The idea behind Saveur du Jour is that getting French products in the UK or the US is not always easy; but with Saveur du Jour, customers can go online, order and receive products from France right at their doorstep. Saveur du Jour also offers a large variety of French gifts, for women and for men, and for all occasions.

Benefits of Purchasing Your Gifts from Saveur du Jour

Below are some of the benefits of purchasing your gifts from Saveur du Jour:

They sell authentic French gifts.
They provide gift wrapping and personal messages if necessary.
They take extra care where the shipping and delivery of your gift is concerned.
They offer gift certificates which you can give to the gift recipient allowing them to choose their own gifts. 
They offer subscription boxes which sends a surprise gift box to your recipient every month for the duration of the subscription. 
  Even if you are no longer in France and back home, you can still order from Saveur du Jour and prolong the French experience by getting French gift imports. Saveur du Jour will expedite the shipment using their partnership with FedEx. You can check the FedEx site for more information about sending goods from France worldwide. FedEx delivers safely and quickly in most countries in the world, and they give you the ability to track your package end to end.

So, the next time you go on a luxury trip, think of French presents as a way to extend and enrich your experience, and go online to get those luxury gifts wherever you may be.





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