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Travel is an amazing thing. There are so many reasons why people travel, whether it is to relax, to learn something about a new culture, to gain some new experiences or to simply get away from the mundane 9-5 life in the cold of the UK.

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to travel. Some people are financially focused, they want to fit as much in, see as many sights as possible and gain as much as they can from their trip on as little a budget as possible. This is great if you are a student, or working to some kind of budget, or maybe if you don’t get much of a chance to travel and want to fit it all in in one go! However for those individuals who have the benefit and ability to spend more money on a holiday, and who would prefer quality rather than quantity, luxury is a priority.

Here at Star-Line, we are all about luxury. Of course, we want to give you a fantastic deal, but we won’t be focusing on the cheapest hotel that is on offer, or the least expensive flights to get you to your destination. We want to make sure that from start to finish you are treated like royalty with the utmost in quality and attention to detail. So if white golden sandy beaches that are there just for you, private villas with personal pools and five-star private chefs are for you then delve into the world of Star-Line.


We know that booking a holiday can be stressful, there is so much to think about from where to go, when to go, how long to go for and then what kind of accommodation you’d like, what experiences to do while you are there. We want to make your whole booking process simple and stress-free. You can contact us via our 24-hour telephone hotline, 24 hour instant messaging, or by our email contact form.

You may come to us with as much or as little information as possible. If you already know where you wany to go and when then great, we can just book it all up for you and send you the confirmation. If you simply know that you want to go away then we will speak with you about your preferences and find you the most suitable luxury holiday for you.


We deal with only the highest-class flight services including Emirates, Virgin, and BA. We do not deal in the economy, only business class, and first class. Your holiday begins at the airport, so we also manage lounge booking including sleep beds, massages, and even haircuts!


We also only deal with 5-star accommodations. Whether they are private villas, hotels or resorts. Each accommodation will come with five-star service, personal pools, private beaches, and spa facilities.


We can arrange amazing luxury experiences such as helicopter rides, yacht excursions, and private tours.

So if money is no object and you desire a holiday of luxury, call us now!


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